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Cherith Brook Farms

Life Promoting Food

Our mission is to produce life promoting food. As farmers we have chosen to focus on quality. Our food not only tastes great, it is undoubtedly more nutrient dense. Our secret? To put it simply, our animals are pastured raised as they were designed to be. Our health is tightly connected with how the food we eat was raised. Pasture raised animals are known to have more “good fats” and less “bad fats”. Meat from grass fed animals can have up to four times more omega-3 fatty acids then their confined feedlot raised counterparts. They are also richer in antioxidants; including vitamins E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. Furthermore, in our meats you will not find traces of antibiotics, added hormones, or other drugs. 

 At the same time we promote life for those who eat our products we also promote the life and continuity of our planet. Soil regeneration is of the utmost importance to us. By raising our animals in a continuous motion across the land we increase the soil biomass; thus increasing water retention, improving carbon sequestration, and curtailing erosion. The organic matter of our soils are gradually increasing, earthworms are more abundant, and the native grasses are growing thicker and greener. In short, healthy soils make healthy animals, which in turn will greatly assist us in becoming healthy humans.


Our Meats



Whole Chicken / Bone Broth / Wings / Drumbsticks / Thighs / Brteast / Tenders / Frames (Bones)


Ground Lamb / Stew Meat / Loin Chops / Shoulder Chops / Leg of Lamb / Lamb Roasts / Ribs / Shanks / Lamb Liver / Lamb Bones


Ground Meat / Stew Meat / Loin Chops / Shoulder Chops / Leg / Goat Roasts / Ribs / Shanks / Goat Liver / Goat Bones


Whole Turkey / Ground Turkey / Turkey Sausage / Bone Broth / Wings / Drumsticks / Thighs / Breast / Tenders / Frames (Bones)


Ground Mutton / Stew Meat / Loin Chops / Soup Bones


Ground Pork / Breakfast Links / Breakfast Patties / Bacon / Pork Chops / Pork Tenderloin / Loin Roast / Boston Butt / Spare Ribs / Ground Sausage / Brat Links / Ham / Pork Bones / Pork Fat / Lard

Pasture Fed

No Antibiotics

No Growth Hormones

No Vaccines

Pastured Fed – We firmly believe animals raised on pasture are healthier and better tasting. Not only the animals themselves are healthier, but their meat is much better for us as well.


No Antibiotics – No Added Hormones – No Vaccines
Not only we choose to abstain completely from the use of antibiotics, added growth hormones, or vaccines; but we in reality don’t need these products. The way we elected to raise our animals make them dispensable. Much like humans, the animals that are raised in a healthy manner don’t need much pharmaceitical inputs.

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MOFACO (it stands for Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op), the same people responsible for the awesome Farmer’s Markets at Ancestor Square and Affogato West in Saint George are offering to deliver our product at your door.

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Downtown Farmers Market

Shop from our complete menu of fresh, daily meat counter. We serve hot food as well!



9am – 12pm

Straight From the Farm

Proper nourishment is inseparable from good flavor

Highly nutritious foods are meant to taste great. In fact, we firmly believe the best flavors of the earth are intrinsically connected to our senses. Nourishing foods are satisfying, they “stick to our ribs” and DON’T promote overeating. The meats we provide can practically stand on their own; there is no need for “masking flavors” of highly processed ingredients to gratify children and adults alike. Just add a little natural sea salt and herbs to taste and “voila!” you have an entree that the fragrance alone will bring your loved ones to the table. But beware! Even your neighbors may come by to see what’s being served.

In a world of engineered foods our bodies are pleading for naturally occurring nutrients. Our purpose is to supply you with them. We do that with pasture and sunshine! Our animals are in their natural environment happily roaming our valleys and hills of Southern Utah. They are not given added hormones, antibiotics, or vaccines. We are committed to quality and our farm is always open to our customers and friends. Consequently, our policy reads “Trespassers will be Impressed“. In short, we seek for customer certification in all our products. We do this so you can have the peace of mind that comes from feeding your family the best the earth can produce.

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435.231.1796 (Robert)
435.231.1055 (Jodi)




Farmers Market Hours

Sat: 9am – 12pm